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Side Effects of Levaquin – Types, Treatment

Levaquin (levofloxacin) is an antibiotic for the treatment of many types of bacterial infections. It has been found that Levaquin has many...

Upper Respiratory Infection URI – Symptoms & treatment

Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), or a common cold, is an infection caused by the variety of bacteria and viruses that affects the nasal passages...

Types of Stomach Cancer- Symptoms, & Treatments of rare types

Different types of stomach cancer include Proximal, non-cardia, diffuse, & many other severe ones. This article is a glimpse of the symptom and treatments.types...

Malibu hair treatment | Meaning | Conditions | DIY at home

Malibu hair treatment is a hair care treatment to remove excess accumulation in hair caused due to hard water. This can be due to...

8 Best Hair Growth Oil – Why and How to Use Them

We have listed hair growth oil with tested and approved results, besides providing the method of using these oils for best results, and improved...